Yang Yang Nation 1000

Yang Yang Nation 1000

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Designed with Nano Power and Japanese Hi Modulus 40T Graphite, this racket has been designed with a slightly squarer head allowing for a wider sweet spot, ease of use and quick fore power coupled with very effective vibration dampening.

The 6.6mm Nano power shaft allows for quick movement and very quick recovery and also bends further back giving a great snap off the shuttle.   The racket offers awesome control, repulsion, ease of use, superb drive capability and really good smash power.


  1. Nano Power + Japan Hi Modulus 40Tonne Graphite
  2. 6.6 slim shaft
  3. Playing Style : Attacking
  4. Stiff : Medium
  5. Weight : 84-85 g
  6. Balance : 285-290 mm
  7. Tension : 23-30 lbs

This racket comes with no racket cover, it is  uUNSTRUNG